Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The No-Cry Picky Eater Solution Giveaway [CLOSED]

My favorite parenting author, Elizabeth Pantley, most notably known for her book The No-Cry Sleep Solution, has come out with another no-cry solution to add to her series: The No-Cry Picky Eater Solution. One piece of advice she gives is reorganizing the food in your kitchen:
What's in your kitchen? A typical home contains plenty of healthy food, along with an assortment of snacks, desserts, and less healthy fare. An adult can sift through all this and decide what's best to eat, picking healthy options and judiciously choosing the right time for and amount of junk food and desserts.Children, however, will naturally be drawn to the tastiest option, with no guilt over the resulting choice. They will open the refrigerator or pantry and pick the most appetizing thing they see.
How can you help your child make better choices? The best way is to put the healthy foods where they can be seen easily and allow your child to choose between the nutritious options in view. Place desserts and junk foods on high shelves or in opaque containers. This way you can dole out the treats when and where you feel they're appropriate.
She also emphasizes the importance of simple family mealtime, advising that "there are four things that shouldn't be brought to the dinner table: lectures, reprimands, rigid expectations, and demands for specific conversation. . . . Families that make a practice of dining together in a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere reap the most benefits."

If this book is anything like the sleep one, then I can guarantee following her counsel will result in miracles! Although Little Misters has no eating problems right now (he's picky with textures but will eat his vegetables pureed), if he ever does, this book will be the first thing I consult for answers.

Elizabeth Pantley is generously giving away a set of seven books on toddler eating and two sets of her seven No-Cry Solution books! All you need to do is blog about the book and send the link, your name, and your email address to her: elizabeth at pantley dot com. Do not comment on this post. The winner will randomly be chosen on November 30. For more information on Elizabeth Pantley and her books, check out her Web site.
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