Monday, November 14, 2011

How to Date Your Husband

Women are not the only ones who like to be chased. Your man wants to know he’s still exciting to you. Bring back the fun of dating into your marriage with these simple yet meaningful steps.

  1. Make sure that your date idea is something he enjoys, not something you enjoy or would like him to do for you. Thinking about his interests and being willing to do them shows him how much you love him.
  2. Be prepared. If the activity is something you are not very familiar with, such as golf, ask his buddies for help on setting a tee time and going over basic rules. Your husband will very impressed that you put in time to understand his interests.
  3. Ask him questions about the specific interest your date focuses on. For example, if you took him to see his favorite band play and you don’t know much about them, ask him when he first started listening to them or what his favorite song is.
  4. Be on your best behavior: no bringing up things about him that are bothering you or talking about your day or interests. Flirt with him throughout the date to keep it romantic and fun.
  5. End the date with a surprise, especially something related to the date, such as new golf balls or tickets to the next concert. He will feel that you are supporting him in his interests, reassuring him of your love and encouraging him to do the same for you.


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