Friday, March 16, 2012

Blessingway vs. Baby Shower

In the past four months I have hosted three blessingways (and have zero photos--sad, I know). I had never even heard of a blessingway until I offered to throw a baby shower for a friend, but someone else wanted to, so another friend offered that we would give her a blessingway instead.

What is a blessingway?
A blessingway is a special event to honor motherhood and birth. Its purpose is to encourage and support the mother as she mentally prepares for her baby's birth. Instead of giving gifts for the baby, attendees write letters or poetry for the mother or give her a pampering or handmade item, such as lotion. The women may address fears the mother has or share their own inspiring stories. Other activities may include drawing on the mother's belly, tying yarn on their wrists or ankles as a reminder of the mother, or doing a bead ceremony (each person chooses a bead for a necklace and says a positive word, like peace).

How is it different from a baby shower?
A blessingway focuses on the mother and her mental, emotional, and spiritual preparation for birth. It is more sacred in nature. A baby shower focuses on the baby and material preparation and is more lighthearted and fun-oriented.

Who should have a blessingway?
Blessingways are great for women who either find great joy in or fear childbirth, enjoy bonding activities, or have all the baby things they need.


Beth said...

Yay! Thanks for putting up my button! I don't have tons of readers, but I want the ones who do come to my blog to see the other sites I like too, so I'm just starting to figure out buttons. :)

Mrs. Sanchez said...

This is wonderful. I had never heard of this before or we maybe would have included more of that kind of stuff at your shower.

I love that idea. More churches should encourage this kind of activity. What a great start to motherhood!

Francesca said...

No worries. I had never heard of it then either. Besides, I LOVED my baby shower!

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