Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Little Teddy Bear: Why I Co-Sleep with My Baby

I became a co-sleeper by accident. My newborn baby nursed a lot, and I wasn't getting any sleep since once I am awake I do not fall back asleep easily. I decided to try nursing in the side-lying position, and wa-la, co-sleeping was born. It was so much easier to just fall back asleep than to stay awake waiting for him to finish.

There have been some negative consequences (for me) from co-sleeping, but for the most part I enjoy it. I love snuggling together as a family, knowing we are all safe and sound. I love knowing that my little one finds peace and security sleeping with us. I love when my son cuddles next to me, rolling over until he finds me and settling in like a little teddy bear. I love seeing my husband and son bond in their sleep.

Even so, I don't plan on regularly co-sleeping with the rest of my children. But our bed will always be open to them. I have fond memories of Saturday mornings climbing into my parents' bed along with my brother, playing and laughing until my mom left because there was no room. I loved the times when my mom would lie down with me when I was sick until I fell asleep. I remember when my other brother and his small family would all sleep together in the same bed when they came to visit us. I want all those tender moments for my family too.


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