Saturday, March 10, 2012

Eighteen Months Update

Caden turned 18 months last week. At his appointment, he weighed the same (23 lbs.) but he grew 3 inches! That would explain his sleeping more and always being hungry. I feel like I'm feeding a newborn, except newborns are easier to feed.

He asked to wear the hat. Trying to be just like Daddy.

Caden's favorite thing to say is still "What's that?" He's really into learning and discovering new things. Smart kid (no surprise there considering who his mommy is, jk). A few days ago he repeated after me and said socks and Titi (Auntie in Puerto Rican Spanish).

His molars are coming in and he has been in a lot of pain. Poor guy. He still has no interest in potty training, much to my dismay. Caden loves being outside. If he could have it his way, he would spend all his time at the park or walking around the grass behind our house. I hope that stays with him as he grows older. He is also a little rebel. Whenever he does something he knows he's not supposed to, he scolds himself, "No, no no," imitating my intonations, and then does it anyway.

(I was holding him--that's why the photo came out weird)

Two Sundays ago was his first official day in Nursery. He has spent time in there much longer, of course, since I'm a Nursery coordinator. Ever since he was one, I would leave him in there while I set up and cleaned up the rooms. He would get mad when I took him out or, when he was older, would only cry if he saw me. Then the past month I stayed with him the whole time and he freaked out whenever I left to clean up. Last Sunday his aunt dropped him off. It didn't help. He cried for half an hour. He was starting to calm down, then heard my voice outside and started up again. I stayed with him the rest of the time, but he was still emotional. Why, now that he is Nursery age, does he not want to stay when he had no problems a few months ago? Many of my friends have said they experienced the same with their child(ren). We'll see how long it takes him to go without crying. But we'll be moving this summer, which will probably throw him off again. Sigh.


Keesh said...

Where will you guys be moving to?!

Emma said...

Aww! My little girls' grandmother is Puerto Rican. My 23 month-old loves saying Titi! She'll say it over and over with everyone's name s she can think of. So cute!

Mrs. Sanchez said...

I'm ditto'ing the where are you guys moving to comment.

Caden is so handsome and I love hearing that he is craving learning new things!

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