Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cheesy Kids' Shows I Can't Believe I Watched

Did any of you watch these really corny TV shows growing up?

1. Shining Time Station (included Thomas the Tank Engine)

2. Kidsongs

3. The Big Comfy Couch (I happen to be one of the few people left in the world who like clowns)

4. The Puzzle Place

5. Zoom


Rachel Staves said...

I remember all of those!!! I also remember thinking some of them were sort of cheesy back then (I was never really a child), but watching them anyways because I also sort of liked them :)

Mrs.Danielle.Warren said...

Oh my gosh, I totally forgot about some of these!!! Zoom was one of my favorite shows! Too bad there aren't more shows like that on now.

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