Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Featured Seller: Leigh Ann from Lime Green Lemon

I found the shop Lime Green Lemon through a deal site. I immediately fell in love with the featured item: upcycled t-shirt cuff bracelets. I'm not a die-hard green person, but I love upcycling and recycling.

I bought every single color (there are even more colors in her shop). When I had a special request, Leigh Ann was very accommodating and friendly. I got the bracelets Monday and yesterday I wore yellow and dark grey. Today:

I love how versatile they are! I can wear one, two, or three in any color combination. I also love how casual and cute they are. Most jewelry and accessories I feel I have to dress up for, but these are great for a mom on the go. And they're kid proof. What is there not to love?

Check out Lime Green Lemon for more upcycled goodies!


Rachel said...

super fab find! I think I might have to get me some:)

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