Monday, May 14, 2012

Inspiring Christian Movies You Should See

Last night, my husband and I were trying to find a Sunday-appropriate movie on Netflix. We settled on Rust, made by a guy from one of our favorite shows. I cried my eyes out. It was amazing! It is at the top of my list of inspiring Christian movies you should see (warning, they're all tear jerkers!):


Summary: A minister with doubts refinds his faith and brings peace to his home town after investigating a house fire his childhood friend is accused of, and has admitted to, starting. Rated PG.
My Rating: 5 stars! One of the best and most life-changing films I've ever seen.


Summary: A firefighter on the verge of divorce tries a love dare at his father's request, and in the process of saving his marriage also finds God. Rated PG.
My Rating: 5 stars! Gave me a completely new and realistic outlook on true love and a Christ-centered marriage.


Summary:  A young girl works for and learns how to sing from a disfigured man whom the townsfolk dislike because he is different and supposedly responsible for them losing their homes (takes place during the Great Depression). Rated G.
My Rating: 5 stars! A great family film with a beautiful soundtrack.

Saints and Soldiers

Summary: Four American soldiers and one British pilot try to get back to Allied territory to pass along valuable information during World War II and learn much about each other along the way. Based on actual events. Rated PG-13.
My Rating: 5 stars! Deep themes and characters we can all relate to and many situations we cannot.


tracie said...

New follower from MBC! I think I would already like Rust since it stars the dad from Psych :)

Francesca said...

That's the same reason why we saw it! See if you can spot the Psych similarities in the movie.

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