Friday, May 4, 2012

Save Money on Trash Bags

Trash bags are usually not seen as an expense to worry about, but why not save money wherever you can? Pennies add up, so follow these tips to save money on trash bags.

The best thing to do is save plastic bags from shopping to use as trash bags. Grocery ones work well for small trash cans in bedrooms and bathrooms. The bigger ones, like from Target when you buy large items, can replace kitchen trash bags. You can use small ones too if you are willing to take out the trash more often, which helps with the smell anyway.

If you still want to use regular trash bags, at least throw away raw meat, rotten foods, and dairy products in a small grocery bag and immediately take it to the dumpster or garbage can outside. When possible, use your garbage disposal to get rid of food waste, which accounts for a lot of trash and odors. Food makes your kitchen smell bad quickly and attracts bugs, making you have to take out the trash perhaps before the bag is completely full.

Other ways to increase room in your trash bags are to recycle what you can, flatten or crush large items before throwing them away, and press down paper products. If trash cans are mostly filled with harmless items (such as paper, plastic, and other non-germy junk), then empty the trash cans into one bag or straight into the dumpster/outside garbage can and reuse the bags until they need to be thrown away.


Cindy B said...

It's great to reuse your shopping bags, but instead of using your garbage disposal, why not turn those kitchen scraps into compost? Don't use any milk or meat products, but it's a really thrifty way to improve your garden or plants.

The other problem with the disposal is that it uses up so much water. I'd rather just throw stuff out than stuff it down the drain.

Emma said...

We use the grocery bags for stinky diapers. I guess that's being creative when you have little ones at home!

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