Monday, April 30, 2012

Ideas for Reusing Ribbon

Between birthdays and holidays, you may end up with a lot of ribbons of all different colors and sizes. Instead of throwing them away, save them to use for the following ideas.
  • The most obvious thing to do with ribbon is to reuse it next time you wrap a present. This works really well with family because you can keep using the same ribbons over and over, whereas if you give it to a friend you’ll need to buy more ribbon for future presents.
  • Use ribbons as fashion accessories. Tie or braid small ribbons in your little girl’s hair; tie large ribbons around her dress like a sash; replace your belt with a long, fancy ribbon; add ribbon to purses and shoes for pizzazz.
  • Give small ribbons to your little girls to use as accessories for their dolls or to tie to their bikes.
  • Use ribbons for crafts, such as ornaments, homemade cards, jewelry, bookmarks, scrapbooks, and key chains.
  • Ribbons also work as holiday and wedding decorations. For example, tie ribbons in your wedding color to the cake knife and server and to champagne glasses. Or wrap ribbons around stair rails and tie them around candles.
  • Tie small ribbons around napkins for a simple but elegant napkin ring. Switch the colors every now and then for a quick decoration change.


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