Monday, April 23, 2012

How to Reuse Cookie Sheets

Reusing regular household items is an easy way to save money and go green. But coming up with new ways to use things is not so easy. What in the world can you do with grubby, stained cookie sheets besides throw them away? A lot more than you think! Here are some ideas for how to reuse cookie sheets.


Clean the cookie sheet and glue on fabric. Use the decorated cookie sheet as a serving tray for food, like sandwiches or tea. Cookie sheets, decorated or plain, also make great TV trays for eating on the couch or floor. Use the more unsalvageable cookie sheets as clearing trays when cleaning up after a dinner party.

Use an old cookie sheet to carry things from one place to another. For example, if your kids want to color outside, put the paper and coloring utensils in the cookie sheet and carry it outside. The paper will stay clean in the cookie sheet and in place with magnets and the crayons won’t roll all over the yard.

Do messy crafts on the cookie sheet for an easy cleanup afterward. Cookie sheets work great for glitter projects, finger painting, play doughh, or anything involving glue.

Use as a drip guard when cooking in the oven. For example, if you have an unsteady hand, put your pumpkin pie on the cookie sheet first before putting it in the oven. The drippy mess will be a lot easier to clean off a cookie sheet than the oven.


When on a picnic, your cookie sheet can double as a serving or eating tray and a card table. Simply turn the cookie sheet upside down for a slightly raised table.

Decorate the cookie sheet with patterned paper and ribbons to use as a magnetic board (see photo). Drill a hole in one handle and hang the cookie sheet in your office or kitchen to post reminders and lists. Or make it kid friendly for your kids to use it with their magnets when you want them out of the kitchen.

Paint or glue on a target to use the cookie sheet as a cheap magnetic dart board. Drill a hole in one handle to hang it up.


Kim said...

You can do story time or singing time with a cookie sheet. It can be used similar to a flannel board, but you use magnets instead of flannel on the back of your figures. We used it for doing 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed. Keilani could take each monkey off the cookie sheet when they fell off the bed.

Francesca said...

Great idea! Thanks.

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