Thursday, April 12, 2012

Seconds for Caden

Caden has experienced many seconds lately (photos do not match scenarios):

1. Last night he slept the entire night, and in his bed, for the second time in his life. For those of you unfamiliar with our story, Caden has never been a good sleeper. Not surprised--sleep problems run in my family. And his personality is very curious and nosy, so when he was a baby he hated missing things. He is much better now, but still wakes up a lot out of habit.

2. Caden got his second haircut last Friday. He did worse than the first time! But he got a sucker and devoured it.

3. He saw my brother and his family for the second time Easter weekend. Last time he saw them was as a baby when he was blessed in church. He loved his cousins! His favorite was Genesis. He learned her name ("Ge-sis") and Isaac's.

4. We went to Benihana's for dinner last night, second time for Caden (first time was last June). It was the most enjoyable time we've ever had eating out with Caden!


Jewel Charsley said...

What a little darling! Great post too! You know, Colty and I have sleep problems and that's who they discovered her ginormous tonsils and adenoids. We took her to a throat specialist... now I think it's my turn next! 30 years of lack of sleep and now that I know it may be fixable, I think I better make a move!

Alexandra said...

Hurray for sleeping through the night!! That is such a cute photo of him with the headphones on. :D

Francesca said...

He slept all night again last Thursday (4/12) and put himself to bed last night (4/15)! Usually when I put him to bed, I rock and sing to him. When Justin puts him to bed, Justin lies down with him. Last night Justin left him and he didn't cry but fell right asleep.

DAD said...

love him and skyping with him is so fun-DAD

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