Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Featured Seller: Cindy from Moon Beans Gifts & Jewelry

I met Cindy through the LDS Etsy team. She is a great promoter and artist. Some of my favorite things from her shop, Moon Beans Gifts & Jewelry:

Here is a little more about Cindy and her shop:

About Cindy
I'm a busy mom of three teenagers, married to wonderful guy for 21 years now. I'm originally from Texas, but I came out to college in Utah, met that great guy, and never left!

About Moon Beans Gifts & Jewelry
 Moon Beans Gifts and Jewelry specializes in cute and affordable jewelry for little girls and in unique, very wearable jewelry for ladies.

Our Utah workshop consists of mom Cindy and teenager daughters, Sarah and Ellen. All of us have various crafting experience, Ellen working two years as a jewelry student and apprentice, Sarah as crafter and designer, and Cindy as hands-on grunt and web specialist. Our three very different tastes give us an eye for new designs and great patterns.

I've always been a crafter. When my kids were little, it was sewing toddler clothes, Halloween costumes, doll dresses. Then when I had time, I started scrapbooking. Now I've taken on the challenge of creating great-looking jewelry at affordable prices. I especially like working with stones. I love the way they feel when I work with them and they way look when they're done. My favorite pieces are the ones using rough stones. But sometimes I like to make something out of felt - back to the sewing, I guess!

When I'm not busy crafting, I love reading. I'm a super fast reader. My goal is to finish 200 books this year, and I'm sticking to my schedule pretty well. I also love making and eating dessert.
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