Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Banner!

A wonderful fellow Etsian, Jewel Charsley of Strawberry Jude Handgrown, offered to make me a custom-designed shop set. Even before I replied, she had already painted an idea. Although we only ended up using a part of it, it is too beautiful not to share:

I hated seeing it chopped up to fit the banner size, so we went with just the wooden sign with some honeypots and bees. After a million color changes, this is the final product:

She also made me an avatar, which I used for my new button on the left sidebar, and two "Reserved Listing" avatars.

Isn't Jewel an amazing artist? And person! Visit her shop for more beautiful work.


Mrs. Sanchez said...

I absolutely love it!! So beautiful and perfect for your shop. :)

Cindy B said...

Again, I absolutely love the new look! Perfect.

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