Saturday, November 17, 2012

Easy Thanksgiving Decorations

With all the fuss of Christmas starting the day after Halloween, it's easy to forget about Thanksgiving. But it is such an important holiday and deserves attention. Here are simple decorating ideas for creating a nice autumn harvest atmosphere in your home:

  1. Search online for "free Thanksgiving subway art." Once you find one you like, print it out and frame it. Embellish the frame with buttons, fake leaves, or ribbon.
  2. Collect pine cones and clean them. Display them in a bowl, place them on the mantle, or make a garland by super-gluing them to string or ribbon.
  3. Gather leaves, put them under paper, and color over them with crayons in fall colors. Frame the paper or cut out the paper leaves and tape them to the walls.
  4. Make a paper bunting banner saying Gratitude, Give Thanks, or another thankful phrase to remind your family of the true reason for Thanksgiving.
  5. Display any crafts your children made at school.
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