Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving in California

This year we went down to California for Thanksgiving, something we haven't done since 2008. Our new place is too small to have had all my family come here. It was nice getting away from Arizona for a few days. I was worried about the road trip, but Caden did great! He did not fuss or complain at all; he enjoyed it thoroughly, both there (night driving) and back (afternoon driving). He found a new favorite food, too, unfortunately: french fries.

He warmed up to my family right away (it usually takes him a day or two). At Costco Grandma bought him a giant stuffed monkey, which he dragged around their place and slept with the whole time we were there. It's bigger than him!

I went thrift store shopping with my mom (of course!) and found lots of great things at great prices for my shop. That same evening we toured my family's new house they will move into next month and then Justin and I went on a date to see a movie. We had planned on Here Comes the Boom, but it was no longer showing contrary to their website and outdoor sign, so we saw Skyfall instead. It was intense, but I liked it. I don't know if I like it more than Quantum of Solace; I have to see the latter again. I just know I like it better than Casino Royale.

Thursday we spent some time with my brother and his family and then had Thanksgiving dinner at my parents'. My mom and I simplified the meal for less cooking, and there were still lots of leftovers! I wish we could have taken some turkey home. And I do wish I had made my own pumpkin pie. The Costco one was really mushy. After dinner, Caden rode his bike and cousin's scooter outside, we played Apples to Apples, and we did our traditional "Turkey Wobble" dance.

I never do Black Friday, but my brother and his wife wanted me and Justin to tag along Thursday night so we could get some deals for them. We didn't get the deals we came for but we did find some other great stuff on sale, including new movies we wanted!

Friday morning we played Apples to Apples Junior (better than the original!), walked down to the lake, and went to my brother's for his wife's delicious chicken taquitos, which I learned how to make, to both my and my husband's delight. It was a great Thanksgiving!

Caden dancing to his cousin's pretend music.


Francine Sanchez said...

I was thinking of you this Thanksgiving! I'm glad you had fun and got to enjoy time with your family. Caden's hair is so long and curly and cute. The picture of the turkey wobble reminds me how grown up all the kids are getting. Fun!

DAD said...

we miss both monkeys and their parents

Alma Luna said...

i am looking for a monkey exactly like the one you have and i need it by Christmas. my twin brothers love theirs bot my little sis wants one too. if you know where to find one pleas tell me almadigisketch@gmail.com

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