Friday, November 16, 2012 Coupon Code

Liz, the creator of, asked to work with me. Once I saw her gorgeous, professional diaper cakes, I had to say yes! The variety is endless--including ones that look more like wedding cakes and a DIY kits--and the shipping is a flat rate of $5.

I am a new mom, and my diaper cake company was just born this year out of a need for me to be creative. makes great baby gifts for first-time parents. We design diaper cakes from our favorite children’s books, rattles, plush animals, and flowers. Some of the plush animals we use are allergy friendly! Our diaper cakes have more uses than just being the centerpiece at the baby shower. They are used as gifts for friends and neighbors, and we even have offices that buy diaper cakes for pregnant coworkers.

When we create our baby gifts, we only use brand name products. We know how special the gift is, so we want to make sure that the mommy will only get quality when she orders from us. Some of the brands that we use are Pampers, Gund, Kid’s Preferred, and TY. 

Liz is generously giving you all $15 off when you use the coupon code "babygiveaway15." Hurry! It expires Christmas Day, December 25, 2012. Start shopping now for a beautiful and practical Christmas gift for the new mother in your life!
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