Saturday, November 10, 2012


I wasn't sure what was going to happen this Halloween: I didn't know whether or not we were going to get trick-or-treaters at our apartments, whether or not Justin would be able to leave work to take Caden trick-or-treating, and whether or not I would take Caden by myself (and where, if so). The answer to all was no.

Fortunately, a church friend invited us to a church party where they used to live. All the kids rode on a trailor hitched to a John Deere tractor and went up and down the long, semi-rural street while the homeowners came out and delivered the candy. They do it every year. Caden loved it! He went twice because he loved the ride so much. Everyone thought he was so cute, too. My favorite was a boy in a homemade Rubik's cube costume. I didn't dress up.

We ended the night walking around Tempe's college town looking at all the weird costumes, my friend's family tradition. I saw another Rubik's cube and two people dressed up as the creatures from Avatar. It was a fun night, but also a very long one. I am never driving with that family again! Oh, and here are better photos of Justin as Psy, the "Gangnam Style" guy.


Miss Keesh said...

OMW I say your husband's Gangam Style costume just cracked me up. Her is probably the most canny and look-a-like Psy I've come across. Who knew?!

DAD said...

very fun-DAD

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