Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Catch Phrase

Caden's latest catch phrases:

  • Mon, guys! (C'mon, guys) Caden says this to me when he wants me to follow him (usually to the kitchen for a snack). Cracks me up every time.
  • Yes, coming! He answers all questions like this even if there is no "coming" involved, such as, "Would you like to color?" "Yes, coming!" He picked it up from me because whenever he asks for something I'm usually busy, so I say, "One moment, I'm coming."
  • Cosa door (close the door) He recently desired privacy while going to the bathroom and insisted we close the door. But the phrase also extends to anything he wants closed: the cupboards, cereal box tops, and anything else for which he doesn't know the word.
  • Ca down (calm down) He said this to me for the first time today. I wasn't even riled up or anything. I had just thrown up and was sad, so he told me in a stern voice to calm down and then smiled and told me to be happy.
His favorite food: homemade taquitos!
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