Saturday, February 9, 2013

High School Sweethearts?

Sometimes I wonder whether or not Justin and I would have liked each other in high school had we gone to the same one. Justin says he would have liked me but I wouldn't have liked him; I say neither of us would have been interested in the other. Here's why:

Justin would not have liked me because
  • high school wasn't my best-looking years, particularly in the fashion area.
  • I was a snob.
  • I had no idea how to act around boys.
  • I was a nerd and his friends would have made fun of him.
I would not have liked Justin because
  • I hated football players. Even if I had liked him I would have hated his friends (at least the ones at my high school, can't say about his). And I would have hated going to football games.
  • he was a show-off.
  • he was two years older than me and I didn't like guys more than a year older (or younger) than me back then.
  • did I mention I hated football players?
Notice how all but one have to do with me and my attitude, not Justin? It's a good thing we met in college! Though I still hate football. ;)


Francine Sanchez said...

I think you were just as beautiful in high school. I also think Justin may have been interested in you. He would have met you at church, maybe at a church dance (you both like dancing) and he would have liked your calves. You would have been amazed that he liked your calves. And then, maybe you would have reunited at college (since you didn't officially "like" guys more than a year older than you).

Francesca said...

So true about the calves! I still tease him that I married him because he likes my legs.

And I have nothing against athletes, just football players and anyone with a typical jock attitude. We don't care what sport Caden plays as long as he's active (though Justin prefers he play a team sport).

Alexandra said...

haha cute. I had never thought about that before. I don't know if Curt and I would have liked each other in high school. Thank goodness for college!

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