Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ready, Set, Go!

That's Caden's favorite phrase right now. He says it when playing cars or just moving from one place to another--he will stop and then run to the location after "go." He is starting to talk more too and say words correctly.

Yesterday out of nowhere he asked to play cats. He started crawling around the floor and meowing and then had me do it too. I showed him how to scratch the furniture.

Then he became a dog and tried jumping on all fours. It ended up more like a shuffle. He also tried a horse, but that only made him want a horsey ride on me.

Caden is super affectionate right now, always giving big hugs, kisses, and smiles without being asked. When I'm sad or crying he comforts me. And when he gets hurt I have to kiss his owies before he goes off and plays again!

Caden has been on a nap strike for the last couple weeks. Once I got pregnant we napped together, but now he fights nap time. Sometimes nap time fights back:

Other past photos I never shared:

He's gotten good at walking in our shoes and putting them on the right feet!

He wanted to read my book.


Alexandra said...

haha naptime fights back! I love when that happens in the most random places, it is so funny! Love his hair too, curls are so adorable

Francine Sanchez said...

What a fun stage!! There are so many adorable photos. Love the smiles, wearing big shoes and pretend play photos. Also like the one standing on Daddy's back. :)

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