Friday, February 1, 2013, My New Favorite Site!

If you are looking for a great deal site for clothes, accessories, and home decor for women and children, is for you! Right now they have the cutest things on sale in preparation for spring and summer. I joined a while ago but didn't really get into it, but now that I'm pregnant I'm finding all sorts of wonderful things I want! I wish I knew what I was having, because then I would buy all these cuties for Baby!

I love this sweet and simple, classic-style dress!

I love Americana!

This outfit made me laugh and reminded me of Caden's brief biting-while-nursing phase. Glad that didn't last long! Maybe buying this would jinx the next one to be a biter.

I also fell in love with the citrus kitchen collection. It made me wish I had a house with a beautiful patio and backyard where I could throw a lunch party. I would get the whole set of place mats, napkins, and dish towels in this bright and cheerful design!

There is also a matching apron set! So cute!

But I also like this apron and matching oven mitts and these colorful dish towels.

And last of all, this beautiful drink dispenser!

Check out more amazing things at amazing prices at!


2justByou said...

I see the Zulily ad all the time while online, but I've never clicked on it...Maybe I will now! I love that drink dispenser - so perfect for summer time lemonade. =0)

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