Friday, June 7, 2013

California Part 1

Since Justin would be gone for the week for a Boy Scout trip, Caden and I visited my family in California. We left Monday afternoon. I was really nervous traveling with Caden by myself, especially while being pregnant. First, I forgot to take off my headband in security, barely escaping a pat down. Second, I forgot I had my kubotan--a self-defense weapon--on my key chain.

When Justin travels with me or I travel by myself, I always leave my keys at home, so I didn't even remember I had it until I was pulled aside. No one was mean, but of course I got emotional and was scared our trip would be cancelled. All that happened was the security guy copied my boarding pass and driver's license and a police officer asked if I wanted to check the kubotan in luggage or surrender it. Since I wasn't checking in my luggage, I surrendered it.

We had plenty of time still before our flight, and Caden sat contentedly playing with his toy airplane. He was so excited to be going on an airplane. He didn't remember our many flights last summer.

He did great on the plane. He ended up falling asleep the last half. I tried sleeping the whole time because I felt awful--no Dramamine while pregnant. (Anyone know of safe alternatives for future reference?)

More waiting for my mom to get there and then a nearly two-hour drive through traffic and heat (no AC in my mom's car). I was not a happy camper by the time we got home. Caden was a trooper and was rewarded with ice cream. He loved all the room to run around in at my parents' house and trying to get their cat to let him pet him.

That evening I went out with my three best friends from high school. We ate at a delicious Italian restaurant. As usual, we picked up right where we left off, not like it had been 8 months since we had last seen each other. I love those girls so much!

Tuesday morning I slept in while Grandma cared for Caden. We went thrift store shopping and Caden was content following Grandma around; I wish he were like that with me! I must be bad luck in CA, because on the way back we got stuck at a freeway exit that is normally not that backed up, especially at that time.

After Caden's nap we went swimming at the community pool. Caden was brave and learned to jump into my arms. He is such a water lover. We had fun swimming and splashing.

Wednesday we went with my sister, nephew, and their school to see Epic. It was just okay, but the animation was beautiful. Still don't get the title though. Afterward they had a picnic at a park, and for the third time we were stuck traveling in traffic and heat. (If I had had my way, I would not have been pregnant during summer again.) Caden had fun on the playground and was brave climbing up the high ladders by himself, which he usually doesn't do without asking for help.

Tomorrow morning we go home. I will finish our travelogue when I get back!


Francine Sanchez said...

It was sooo nice to see you!! I had no idea you had been through such an ordeal with morning sickness in the plane and on a hot two hour car ride home.

That is bad enough without being pregnant. I feel doubly bad trying to "be in charge" and have you sit in the back seat.

I hope you were able to have fun despite the pre-trip. I know I did!! Although I was sick the next day, just from my short travel and staying up "late." I've noticed whenever I push myself too much, I get nausea and vertigo the next day. Blah. Sometimes it's worth it though!!! - like to see you, Kaitlyn and Kristen.

Caden is really just the cutest thing around. I'm glad he had a fun and low stress trip! He looks so happy in all the pictures (you did good taking pictures) and how neat that he loves the water (perfect for AZ).

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