Friday, June 14, 2013

Justin's Birthday

Justin's birthday was Tuesday. We went out to breakfast and then went shopping at a new outlet mall. Justin found new shoes, and socks he's been asking for since Christmas but I was unable to find. I saw a Coach purse I loved. I'm not usually one to go for designer brands, but I have a soft spot for Coach bags.

We found a new hat for Caden for only $3!

Justin loves gaudy style. Caden approved!

We got lunch, chilled at home, and then went to the Mesa Temple Visitors' Center with our neighbors and the missionaries to watch the Joseph Smith movie. Caden fell asleep on Justin and wet them both, his first accident in a very long time.

It was a low-key day, different than how we usually celebrate due to certain circumstances. I made Justin his birthday dinner--stuffed peppers--the next night, and we went to Benihana's last night. Caden loved the shrimp!


Francine Sanchez said...

Happy Belated Bday to Justin!! The family Benihana picture is a really good one!! Justin looks really happy and everyone looks good!

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