Thursday, June 13, 2013

California Part 2

Thursday morning we went to Kohl's because we had a 30-percent-off coupon. I found 2 cute shirts on clearance for Caden, including one that says "Big Brother" for him to wear to the hospital after Baby is born, and my sister found a bathing suit after trying on about a thousand. That evening we went swimming with the Lyles family, and Caden was all over Koko (Uncle) James. Then James and Rocio took me out to dinner sans kids.

Friday was Sariah's 8th grade promotion ceremony. She was quite the star of the show, giving a speech and singing multiple solos and group numbers.

That evening Caden went to the park with Grandpa, and my friend Kaitlyn returned to say goodbye. The Lyles came over too for one last play time with Caden.

Saturday we went to the airport. Caden did great on the plane again, allowing me to sleep a little. Thankfully the plane was larger this time so I didn't feel sick like before, and Caden had a window this time. A couple hours after we got home, Justin did too. I missed him so much! And so did Caden. He wouldn't let Justin be until bedtime. I'm glad we went to CA for the week. It made the time go by so much faster and Caden got all the attention he could ask for.


Francine Sanchez said...

Sariah looks so grown up, natural and beautiful. I guess being the middle school star of graduations/awards with speeches is a family trait. :D

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