Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Zoo Again

Thursday morning we took our neighbors with us to the zoo. Now that it's summer, the zoo is less crowded. We got to see the tiger find and eat his breakfast and the monkeys were really close to Justin and the others in the Monkey Village. Caden and I were at the water play area. It was really neat, with a cave, waterfall, slide, splash pad, and little stream. Caden loved it and was very upset when we moved on. In fact, Justin and I had to chase him down!

The kids played at various playgrounds. This time Caden wasn't afraid of the statues at all. I think that happened last time because of the baby komodo dragon (Justin got it to attack again! I didn't get to see though).

Animals we saw this time that we didn't see last time were the orangutans and giant Galapagos tortoise. We ended with the other splash pad that wasn't as cool as the first but which the boys still loved.

Afterward we got some ice cream. We walked a lot! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be until the last half hour. It was fun and Caden conked out for over 3 hours once we were home. Although I felt fine that morning, I think the sun and exercise really took their toll on me because I didn't feel good for the rest of the day and yesterday. Sometimes I forget I'm pregnant!


DAD said...

what a fun time you guys had! we have to take him to the zoo and safari park

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