Tuesday, December 31, 2013

5 Ways to Help a Pregnant Friend

photo by Doriana

When I was pregnant, everyone wanted to buy the baby things or help with the baby once he arrived. But there are better ways you can help a pregnant friend:
  1. Clean her house, particularly the bathroom and kitchen. Pregnant women are highly sensitive to smell, so these areas may be hard for your pregnant friend to clean if she has morning sickness. Also, she shouldn't be handling or inhaling cleaning products.
  2. Cook for her. You can either help her make healthy freezer meals or bring a nutritious meal over once a week. If she works, bring dinner over after a long shift.
  3. Be her exercise buddy by walking or taking a yoga class together.
  4. Give her rides to doctor appointments or birthing classes, if needed.
  5. If she has other kids, offer to watch them so she can nap, exercise, attend an appointment or class, or pamper herself.
What are other good ways to help a pregnant friend? Did someone do something really thoughtful for you?


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