Thursday, December 26, 2013

Meant4More Apparel Review

I am a firm believer that what you wear says something about you and influences your behavior. That is why I'm happy to share with you a company that makes inspired clothing: Meant4More Apparel. Their shirts and bags are printed with positive, uplifting statements that remind you of your self-worth:
  • Meant4more / I am meant for more
  • Love
  • Meant for something greater
  • I am purpose driven
  • Everyone matters

Their story:
In 2009, a group of friends of all faiths, and no faith, formed Meant4More Apparel, confident that such a message could reach beyond religion and secularism to empower those who have lost their way. Meant4More is a message that all of us are meant for something greater. Whether if it be in academics, athletics, spirituality, or our personal lives, it is a message that rings true in all facets of our lives. Meant4More is a reminder, and a promise to our customers, that every life has impact. Everyone, no matter the obstacle, can aspire for greatness and reach for their goals.
How can you not love this brand? I normally don't like to wear apparel with logos, but this is one exception because the message is so important.

I won a giveaway by them and got to choose any shirt.

I also received a cute tote bag with their logo (I am a huge fan of tote bags!) and an extra shirt just out of generosity.

*The t-shirts are soft, comfortable, and stylishly cut.
*There are shirts for men too.
*As stated on their site, "Ten percent of [gross] profits are donated to organizations that make an impact in the lives of others" and "100 percent of the profits from the Everyone Matters line will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention."

* None.

Check out Meant4More for more colors and styles with words that will make you smile every day!
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