Saturday, December 28, 2013

"It's Christmas!"

Every morning the week leading to Christmas, Caden would wake up saying, "It's Christmas!" and run to the presents under the tree. This was the first year he really knew what Christmas meant.

On Christmas Eve we had breakfast at McDonald's. We originally were going to go to IHOP because Caden wanted pancakes and my kitchen was still dirty and I was tired from all the cooking I had been doing the past few days. But it was already late morning, so we changed venues. It was a great decision: it was cheaper, faster, not crowded, and just as good (well, I didn't like the pancakes, but Caden sure did!).

In the evening, we went to our friend's house for dinner, where the missionaries were also invited. We exchanged gifts and played the game Kesha bought us (Trouble). Once the elders left, Kesha and I chatted while Justin and Marquez played his new basketball video game.

Justin's family got this Bears fan a cheesehead.

Puzzles from Kesha. The elder on the left completed his in just over 4 minutes. The elder on the right had some difficulty, haha!
That night, something greatly troubled Gabe. He was inconsolable. He kept crying in his sleep every hour as if having a nightmare. I think it was a combination of vaccines on Monday, over-stimulation on Christmas Eve, and teething. He finally slept for a few hours at nearly 2 in the morning. He was fussy and sensitive all Christmas morning. Gabe woke us up first, before Caden, surprisingly. But barely. He was up 15 minutes later and ready to open presents. We sorted the gifts; the boys had the most of course.

First, Caden checked his stocking, where he found 2 kiwis, his new favorite fruit. Then he opened his gifts. He got new pjs, a handmade beaded bolo tie, a LeapPad (tablet) with a case and game, and cars from Justin's family; books, ornaments, and a magnetic Noah's ark from mine; a doctor's kit and binoculars from us; and some other things from friends. He loved them all!

Caden's gifts

Giving himself a shot.
Gabe went next, with Daddy's help. He too got pjs, a stroller blanket, and tons of baby toys and board books.

Trying to eat his pjs. He also tried eating the wrapping paper!

Justin followed, and then me. It was a delightful Christmas. We had breakfast, Skyped with family, and watched A Muppet Christmas Carol.

Gabe was still impossible to please and didn't fall asleep until almost 4 p.m. Our friend Chaille came over and chilled with the boys while I made dinner. Kesha and Marquez arrived just as I was setting the table. I served lasagna, which everyone liked.

Justin and Marquez continued their basketball game, while the ladies talked and Caden played with his new toys. We had dessert and ended the night at 9 p.m. It was a fun but very exhausting day.
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