Monday, December 16, 2013

Bad Parenting Advice

I saw this thread about unsolicited bad advice on the Facebook page Breast is Best. Most of the responses were shocking, while others were downright crazy! What's the worst parenting advice you've ever received?


Shayna Butler said...

I think the most frustrating advice was that I was holding my children too much, same as a lot of the moms on the thread received. I would spoil them.. Didn't stop me, of course. People mean well I think, they can just be insane though. ;)

Mrs. Sanchez said...

What a fun/bad/crazy thread. I heard a lot of the 'if you hold them too much you will spoil them' and 'babies need to cry.' I'm not sure if the guests expected me to just sit there and let my baby cry because I was talking to them. So odd.

I also have one that is crazy in my mind, although is cultural, soooooo, I feel bad calling it crazy. I had just finished telling an acquaintance that I was open to advice, when she told me that if I hold my newborn upright too much, her head will deflate and that it already looked deflated. They re-inflate it by turning the baby upside down and shaking him/her by the feet. ummmm. I just kind of smiled, nodded and said I hadn't heard that, but it was recommended I feed her that way for pacing reasons. WOW.

I've also heard rice cereal to sleep through the night.

The good thing is that most of these babies survive and make it through just fine - evidenced from the advice coming from a lot of the parents or inlaws.

Cheski - what bad advice have you heard?

Francesca said...

Shayna and Francine, I received the same common ones as you ladies, nothing too crazy. Recently, though, I became aware of a "Christian" parenting book advocating physical abuse and starvation to discipline children, which has resulted in many children dying and their parents being charged for murder. And yet this book is still sold/bought. I was so appalled!

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