Saturday, March 8, 2014

3 Trends I Don't Get & What I Like Instead

Trends come and go. Some I like, most I do not--I'm more of a classic-style woman than a trendy one. Here are three current trends I don't get:

1. Chalkboards
There's a reason the white board replaced the chalkboard. Chalk is messy and bad to breathe in. While chalkboard items are creative and cute, I'm sticking to dry-erase markers, or better yet, plain old paper and a pencil.

Tickled Pink Goods

Instead: Chalkboard subway art since you get the look without the mess!

Tickled Pink Goods

2. Shabby Chic
Shabby chic takes classy looks and feels and dresses them down. For example, washed-out photography and distressed furniture. To me, they just look shabby, not chic.

Farm to Front Porch

Instead: Rustic--country and rural yet classy and contemporary decor.

Farm to Front Porch

3. Throw Pillows
Okay, so these have always been around. Although I love the darling designs, I think throw pillows are a waste of space and way over priced. Ever seen Along Came Polly? Then you know what scene I'm talking about!

Vanilla Extinction

Instead: If I like the fabric and embellishments, then a zippered pouch, tote bag, or clutch instead. If it displays photography or personalized designs (like a wedding date), then the print instead.

Vanilla Extinction

Vanilla Extinction

Agree or disagree? What current trends do you not care for?


Alexandra Haralson said...

I like to use a chalkboard with a chalkboard marker because it doesn't smudge off like dry erase does. And I love chalkboard subway art!

DAD said...

you make some good points

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