Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cute & Curious Caden

I wish there were a way to see into kids' brains and watch their thought processes. Caden's brain would be particularly fascinating! He says and does the most interesting things. When we first moved here, one of the smoke detectors kept beeping loudly and shouting "Low battery." That first night we slept in the temp apartment, and Justin bought and changed the batteries the next morning. Since then, Caden has been obsessed with the smoke detector and fires. He tells everyone about the beeping. He talks about fires all the time. We recently stumbled upon an "Elmo's World" episode about firefighters, which he watches daily. I wonder if he is simply curious or if he is scared and talking his way through that fear.

Also, when we first moved in, we couldn't set up the table until we had cleared all the space of boxes and things. Justin and I could eat on the couch or counter, but Caden couldn't, so he ate in the highchair. As you can see, he loved it. He finally learned how to drink from a regular cup without spilling, though he still prefers his sippy cup.

One morning after returning from the store, Caden couldn't see Gabe in the high chair. He asked worriedly, "Where's Gabe?" I told him to look around. He scanned the room, gasped, and said, "Oh, no! We left Gabe at the Price Chopper!"

He likes to clean

His new rolling backpack. He carried it all around the house for a week.

first time buying ice cream

Caden loves to dance. Except I wouldn't exactly call it dancing. More like a combination of marching and wiggling, with a squat or two added in. Caden loves going outside, rain or shine. We go on lots of walks, and Caden usally comes home with at least one scrape from tripping over the bumpy sidewalk.

Mowing the lawn like the boy across the street.

Caden will talk your ear off all day about anything. Some more Cadenisms: scream (sour cream), subping (something), repartment (apartment), zukiwi (zucchini), and "What's that noisy (noise)?" We love our baby-no-more so much!


DAD said...

I love that boy so much!

Miss Keesh said...

Oh my word he is soooooo cute! Wish I had a chance to meet him.
Btw I just finished a few posts about the whole Ordain Women movement on my blog about feminism (really didn't want to, but felt like I had to...) Would love to hear your thoughts on it! My latest one is scheduled to go up this afternoon though, so don't check it till the evening though :)

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