Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Gabriel Is Growing Up!

So much has changed with Gabe in the last two months. While in Wisconsin, he improved at standing up by himself and not holding on to anything. He learned how to crawl normally by the end of our stay.

He enjoys being chased.

While in our temporary apartment, Gabe figured out how to clap, and claps and stomps his feet to "If You're Happy and You Know It." He learned how to shake his head no when I tell him "No-nos." He started making this super cute face that looks like he's fuming angry, though he's not, and breathes in and out loudly. I have no idea where he picked it up or what it means.

Everyone thinks he's a girl cuz of his curly hair!

He loves to play with whatever he can get his hands on. Of his toys, he loves the kitchen and play food, balls, and tent (which we just took down because the boys kept tipping it over). He finally likes his pacifier too. Of non-toys, he loves cords, remotes, papers, and our phones if we would only let him. He will show you his toy and say, "Dish." I like to think he's saying "this" though I know that's unlikely. Yesterday I think he finally grasped the concept of clean-up time, because he handed me some toys while I was putting them away--though five seconds later he was taking them out again.

When we first moved in to our new place, Gabriel went on a nap strike. He eventually would fall asleep.

He is finally back to me being able to just put him in his crib, unless he is having a bad teething day. It helps that Caden is there with him for one nap time and bedtime. It also helps if I don't let him take a morning nap unless he woke up really early. That doesn't always work.

He also started walking along the furniture in the first apartment. In our new home, he took his first steps and within two weeks was walking completely, at only 9 months old! (He will be 10 months tomorrow.) He thinks he is so cool because he can walk now. He looks so funny doing it, with this gut and bum sticking out. He still crawls when he wants to get somewhere fast.

Gabe loves playing peekaboo with his hands and blankets. He recognizes and understands signs, but doesn't execute them very well. He shuts his eyes tight to mimic me when I'm trying to get him to sleep or when we say prayer. Sunday he waved for the first time at his Grampa Nishimoto via Skype. I was very surprised!

pita bread

Gabriel finally has two teeth on the bottom, with another one coming, and two almost all the way out up top. He loves to eat food and makes smacking movements and noises with his mouth whenever he sees food or a spoon. His favorite foods are carrots, berries, bananas, raw celery, and pita bread. He still has much to try though.

He likes to feed himself.

I can't believe how fast Gabriel is developing! His babyhood is flying by far too quickly.


DAD said...

He is growing too fast and furious and too far away from gtandfolks

DAD said...



He is so adorable, such an early developer and yes, really growing up. I just can't get over how long Julianne is for some reason.

Oh' and I wouldn't be surprised if he was saying "this." Jules is in a similar place, in that she claps, waves and does arms up. No stomping of the feet, but still loves the happy and you know it song. The scrunching of the face and "fuming" sounds sooo cute!! And his walk was just the most adorable thing ever. I'm so glad you posted a video. I'm looking forward to some of those adorable things you listed that Jules isn't to yet.

Him falling asleep in random places is adorable as well.

Miss Keesh said...

I want to kiss his pursed lips soo badly!

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