Saturday, May 2, 2015

Baby K'tan Active Baby Carrier Review & Giveaway

I grew up watching my mom carry my premature little sister in a ring sling, and since then have always loved seeing mothers hold their babies close and thought it natural. I knew I would do the same once I had children. When I got pregnant, my friends introduced me to various carriers, and I chose the Moby wrap. It worked and my baby liked it, but I had some issues with it: it was too long for a petite woman like me, it was too hot for Arizona, it got stretched out, and it was impossible to put back into the pouch!

my 8-week-old in the original Baby K'tan

When I was pregnant again, I searched around for baby carrier giveaways and saw an ad for Baby K'tan on a blog. I checked it out and was immediately impressed. It was like the Moby in style (but not design), came in different sizes to ensure fit, and was much simpler to put on. I followed their Facebook page, entered one of their giveaways, and won! I was not disappointed. Every time I wear my Baby K'tan carrier I receive compliments and I rave about it in return. And because both my baby and I are satisfied, I have worn him much more than I did my first child.

10 months old

I asked Baby K'tan to team up with me for a giveaway, and not only did they agree, but they also gave me a different style to review! I chose the active carrier in coral for summer babywearing.

20 months and still likes to be worn!

*Comfortable for both the wearer and the baby.
*Easy to put on and take off.
*Fabric support band in back allows for easy adjustment.
*Sash doubles as a pouch and is very easy to put away.
*Comes in different sizes to ensure proper fit.
*Shrinks back to normal in the dryer instead of remaining stretched out.
*Different carrying positions possible, with the newborn kangaroo hold not requiring the sash. Instruction booklet with easy to follow-directions included as well.
*Original: Tight, secure fit.
*Active: Very lightweight and airy! Wish I had this style in Arizona. I love the color, too.
*Excellent customer service!

*Hard to unravel in the back by yourself (you want the fabric stretched open for more even support). I try to untangle and spread it open as much as I can before putting it on to avoid this issue, but it doesn't always work.
*Active: Feels much looser than the original although the sizing is the same, and the fabric is slippery, so it doesn't stay in place as well.

Overall, I love Baby K'tan carriers so much and will continue to recommend them to everyone! One of you lucky readers will win the active carrier in the size and color of your choice. This giveaway is open to the U.S. only.

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Anne Stewart said...

I'd wear my baby while chasing my toddler :)

CharlotteKT said...

I'd wear my baby so I can feel like I can get back on my feet and work around the house after delivering. It also keeps the baby from being on it's back so much, which is healthy!

kmcgrew213 said...

i would get this for my sister as a shower gift! thanks!

Natalie said...

I'm expecting my third baby and this would be an awesome carrier to have!

Mami2jcn said...

I'd wear my baby at the pumpkin patch.

Jessica said...

I would use this around the house. We have a very active 3 year old and are expecting a new baby girl this July. I'm going to need to keep baby happy and my hands free to watch our older daughter. This would be perfect!

Camille said...

I will definitely have to get a K'tan, and I really appreciate their sizing guide on the website. I will be a first-time mom but have read so many good things about baby wearing that I want to do it all the time! Especially to avoid lugging an awkward stroller or heavy carseat out and about. I anticipate my husband being deployed a lot for the first few years, so baby carriers seem like they would go a long way in making me a little more self-sufficient!

Ashley Garrett Nolan said...

I just had my second baby so I would love to wear him to the park and all around town as we try to keep up with big sis!

jenna tomaszewski said...

I'd wear to connect and get things done

Stephanie DeRita said...

I'd wear my baby to run errands and even around the house :) it would allow me to have my hands free!

Nancy Partin said...

I would wear my baby just about anywhere. I loved wearing my now toddler and can't wait to do the same with my baby due in December. I actually had a Baby K'tan with my toddler and loved it. A friend borrowed it and her husband washed and shrunk it.. now I need a new one.

Amanda Saltsman said...

I wear my baby everywhere it's so much easier to clean house and so all this stuff u need to do and exercise while wearing her

Rachel Griesmer said...

I would use this when doing things around the house. It would be great to have my little one with me and have my hands free at the same time.

Kanani said...

I wear my little ones out shopping, at events, at home, and more! My first two children wanted to be held or worn so often. It made things easier at home, and while out I can help the other child(ren). They seemed to stay content longer when worn than sitting in the car seat or shopping cart. We have used a Baby Bjorn in the past, but we really couldn't use it for the first while because they were so small.

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