Saturday, May 23, 2015

How to Shop for a Swimsuit

photo from Modcloth

Looking for the perfect swimsuit can be very daunting and frustrating. But it doesn't have to be with these tips on how to shop for a swimsuit and keep your sanity.

Know Your Needs
Before leaving home, consider the purpose of your swimsuit. Will you be swimming in it or just lounging? Will you be playing beach sports or just splashing with the kids? Are you wearing it to a party, on a vacation, or in your own backyard? Does it need to cover certain areas of your body? Also, take your body measurements and determine your budget, allowing yourself a range of flexibility.

Think Outside the Box
Be brave and open minded when picking out which swimsuits to try on. Choose one or two styles you normally wouldn't. You may end up being pleasantly surprised! Also, mix and match patterns and colors for a unique look.

Do a Fit Check
Move around to make sure your swimsuit fits all areas of your body properly and stays in place. You don't want to be uncomfortable or have a wardrobe malfunction.

Compliment Yourself
Most important, talk positively to yourself about your body. If something doesn't fit or look good on you, it's a reflection on the swimsuit, not on you. Swimsuit shopping is just a matter of finding the right piece that reflects your inherent beauty and helps you feel confident.

Now that you are mentally prepared on how to shop for a swimsuit, start looking today and enjoy the experience!


DAD said...

my swimsuits are not suitable

Elise said...

I'm glad it is not me, but the swimsuit. I've only had one swimsuit in my life that I like the way it fit and looked.

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