Saturday, May 30, 2015

Cheap & Easy Carnival Party

I am the president of the kids' program at my local church. My birthday fell on the same day as our semimonthly activity night, so I decided to throw a carnival party for the kids. There is no one I'd rather spend my birthday with here than with the unpretentious, fun children I serve.

I found this free image online to make the invitations.

I found a free printable set at We Heart Parties for signs and decorations.

I used the cupcake toppers to make a different banner. I found more game signs at Mama Bub Blog and matching blank signs online for other games. The games we had were a pool noodle ring toss, pin-the-nose-on-the-clown, two bean bag tosses, a marshmallow toss, and nerf gun target shooting (unfortunately, in my haste, I forgot the bowling game and circus tent). The kids earned tickets they could redeem for dollar-store prizes.

There was a photo booth too with lots of fun props, and classic American folk and kids' songs playing in the background.

I dressed up in my new clown costume ("Raggedy Fran") and painted the kids' faces.

Once the kids lost interest in the stations, we snacked on popcorn, chips, cupcakes, and apple juice.

I had planned to tell everyone it was my birthday at the end, but my friend surprised me with a candle in one of the cupcakes, which I stuffed into my mouth whole to everyone's astonishment.

We played some more party games--hot potato, red-light green-light, and tag--and ended with balloon animals, or more like a huge balloon-sword fight.

Everyone had a lot of fun, which means it was a success in my book!


DAD said...

looks so much like fun i wish I was there! so creative and so beautiful my daughter

Mrs. Sanchez said...

Hurray!! Looks like a fun birthday - love the costume!

Miss Keesh said...

This is so creative! Thanks for the (future) ideas.

Elise said...

I really enjoy the carnival theme. It can be so much fun even if done in a very simple way.

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