Sunday, July 19, 2015

"Missionary: Possible" Book Review

I feel passionately about proper preparation for serving an LDS mission. Preparing to be a missionary starts as a child with obtaining gospel knowledge and a foundational testimony. It continues on in the teenage years as knowledge and understanding deepen and testimonies strengthen. But far too many youth wait until crunch time before starting to prepare, and then it's too late to make meaningful and lasting improvements. Companions, investigators, and church members end up suffering from the under-preparation of these missionaries.

Eric Rigby addresses this problem in his book Missionary: Possible, Preparation Tips from New Testament Heroes. He uses examples from the book of Acts and his own life to teach proper mission preparation in specific and helpful ways.

*It had the perfect tone for the targeted audience. It was straightforward and simple without being condescending and had the right amount of cheesiness.
*I like that he used New Testament examples instead of typical Book of Mormon and pioneer stories. Missionaries need to be familiar with and appreciate the Bible as well. This approach also made the book unique.
*It includes pages for note taking to encourage study and application, not just reading.


I recommend this book not only for teens but also for parents who want to know how to help their children prepare for a mission and for anyone who wishes to be a better member missionary.


DAD said...

your big brother is the new ward mission leader and I represent the high priests in missionary work

Elise said...

I will recommend it to Isaac.

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