Sunday, July 12, 2015

My Cousin's Wedding

The first weekend in July I flew out to Maryland for a day to attend my cousin's wedding. I arrived early with my brother and spent time with my grandma and her dear friend whom I have adopted. We also saw the bride and her family, half of whom didn't even recognize me. Apparently my new haircut threw them off. Lol. Really, I just think I look more my age now and they're used to viewing me as young and cute.

The ceremony was outdoors at a beautiful historical mansion.

The bride looked absolutely stunning, and her bridesmaids had lovely dresses.

Hors d'oeuvres followed the ceremony. I met up with my sister Chrissy and we spent almost the entire time together. My brother asked her husband, "Since when did they become best friends?" Sisters just have a way of doing that, even if they rarely see or talk to each other.

all 3 sisters

We moved inside to the dining hall for the toasts from the best man and maid of honor and dinner.

The bride's sister sang for the first dance. She has such a flawless voice! It was the first time I had ever heard her sing live. Once the dance floor opened, Chrissy and I were the first ones there of course.We had so much fun dancing. We also did the photo booth before she left and were total blondes not looking at the camera and laughing instead of posing. I can't wait to see how the pictures came out!

I flew home the next morning. My family drove from Maryland to come visit us for a couple days. Monday evening we played Catch Phrase for Family Home Evening. Tuesday was rainy and I was sick so we watched Muppets: Most Wanted (I love that one, especially the music!), went out for ice cream, and played Imaginiff. Wednesday we ordered Chinese takeout (the Caruso/Lyles family loves their Chinese food!) and played Uno. Yeah, we love board games. Thursday morning my family left for NYC. The kids miss them tremendously.


DAD said...

we had a grand time and i wish i could rewind over and over because i am missing you so...

Elise said...

It seems like so long ago that we were together. Sammy and Genesis liked Catch Phrase and wanted to play it more. I liked the ice cream place we went to. It received a high score from me. We miss all of you very much.

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