Friday, July 17, 2015

My Week Without a Phone

From last week Wednesday afternoon to yesterday afternoon, I was without a phone. Not just a smartphone, but any phone. Not being able to make a phone call was frustrating. Everything else I could do on the computer, though not as well in some cases. For example, I used Facebook messenger in lieu of texting, but I could only do that while at home.

The hardest part was not having a camera. So many cute photo opportunities I missed! I also didn't realize how much I relied on certain apps on my phone, like the calculator and weather app. The latter is surprising because I'm the type to check the weather by going outside. But summer showers here are sporadic, so it is nice knowing when to look out for rain.

On the bright side, it somewhat helped me lose my phone attachment. I was still distracted while on the computer, but at least I wasn't when I was with the boys. I'm being careful getting back into using my phone so I don't develop an attachment again. I'm going to follow these three simple guidelines to help me:
  1. Wait until the boys are eating breakfast to turn on my phone.
  2. Turn it off at least a half hour before bedtime. 
  3. Put it away when I'm with the boys, including when eating, unless I want to take a picture.
I'm debating whether or not I want to download the Facebook app onto my new iPhone 6. Overall, it's better to use than the online version, but the biggest reason I prefer it is that it's much easier to share photos. Perhaps I will just have to make rules for my Facebook use too!

Do you have a smartphone? Have you made any usage rules for yourself?


DAD said...

glad you survived and you should use the f/b app on the phone.

Miss Keesh said...

I'm currently without a phone now as well, and it can be a pain. For me it's more the sense of "insecurity" from not being to contact X or Y for various reasons (I'm running late, emergency, etc). But strangely enough I also feel liberated... weird huh. I think if you want to share pictures, then you have to have the apps. I guard my privacy fiercely so I've taken off my Facebook from my phone. I think it depends on how much you are willing to share.
Also, I just read the articles you wrote on those external sites, and they are fantastic! Would appreciate if you informed us every time you contributed an article!
Hope you are having a wonderful summer!

Elise said...

Have you been following your three guidelines?

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