Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Oops! Caden Found His Birthday Present

Monday morning I asked Caden to look for something of mine he had lost, and he accidentally stumbled upon his birthday present in our closet. This kid, along with his brother, hides in our closet all the time, but always on my side. The present was on his dad's side behind the hamper and was more visible that day, I guess. Caden usually isn't a very observant person, just like me.

"I see a Cars scooter," he said.

"Deny, deny, deny!" my husband suggested.

"No, I'm not going to lie to him," I replied. I wanted to give it to him early anyway so he could use it more during the summer. He was very happy and couldn't wait to use it. That evening I took him out for a ride.

Gabe wanted to ride the plasma car, so I put him in Caden's old helmet. I didn't think he would need the other protective gear, but he tripped walking to the car and scraped his knee.

Pointing out his "bb-bb" (boo boo)

Caden did really well balancing on the two-wheeled scooter. I credit it to his experience with the balance bike. However, he needs to work on steering, because that's when he falls down.

After a while, Gabe decided it was easier to scoot without steering.

We went out again yesterday to show Caden's friend. I wore Gabe in the carrier, though. Tonight, we went out once more. This time, I put Gabe in full protective gear. He was very excited.

However, after a few feet, he started pulling the car and then completely abandoned it altogether.

I got out the balance bike for him to try, but even with the lowest adjustments, he is still too short to ride it. So he walked instead, then sat on the sidewalk and scooted along on his bottom! Finally, he asked me to pick him up. I guess we have yet to find the right ride-along toy for him, but Caden is enjoying his scooter very much.
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