Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Five Love Languages and Blogging
The Five Love Languages, by Gary Chapman, is a book about how to speak love to your partner in the way he or she understands it. The five love languages are words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, gifts, and physical touch. Each has its own dialects as well. For example, quality time could mean doing an activity together or engaging in meaningful conversation. You can usually tell what your love language is by how you show love or by what you ask your partner for the most.

 The five love languages also apply to blogging:

Words of Affirmation: You feel loved when people praise your blog and give you blog rewards and recognition. You feed off encouragement and appreciate when people leave comments. You most likely enjoy writing reviews.

Quality Time: You bond through discussion and sharing ideas. You feel loved when people read your posts and respond with their own thoughts. You also like feeling part of a group of people with similar interests and consider those people friends.

Acts of Service: You like blogging for the free services (advice, products, recipes, etc.) you provide and receive. You like to help promote others and have them promote you.

Gifts: You love when companies give you products to review or give away and you, in turn, enjoy giving them away. If you don't host giveaways, then you like entering them for yourself or others.

Physical Touch: Tough one. Perhaps you enjoy blog conferences and meeting in person all the new friends you've made online.

My love language is quality time (though acts of service is a very close second!) and my primary dialect is conversation. That is why I blog. Right now I use giveaways to bring people to my blog, but I hope one day my content will be more effective in winning me readers. I want this to be more of a discussion blog than a giveaway blog; I want the giveaways to be the icing on the cake. So please comment and share your ideas, especially if you're like me and quality time (conversation) is your love language.


Mrs. Sanchez said...

I have heard so much about this book, but still have not picked it up.

In terms of bloggging I am primarily acts of service and secondly quality time.

In relationships, I'm not really sure (I should read the book). My guess would be I am quality time and words of affirmation. I'm going to ask Oscar what he is. We did this a LONG time ago, pre-marriage but I don't remember.

I GIVE him a lot of words of affirmation and he seems to respond. I will delve deeper. :)

Francesca said...

You really need to read it! I was going to let you read mine, but I lent it to someone else recently and I'm not sure it will be back by the time you get here. Look for it at the thrift store. I see it there all the time. I bought mine there brand new!

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