Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Starlights Nightlights Review

Ever since I was little, I used nightlights. Then, because I was afraid of the dark; now, so I can care for my baby at night without turning on bright lights. The ones we use now are the cheap, ugly, clear plastic ones from Wal-mart. I would rather have one of the nightlights from the Etsy shop Starlights by Amber. I have never seen anything like them! This one would go great in my baby's jungle-themed room:

Turn it on and Wa-La!

My husband would prefer this one:

*Cute and creative.
*Various themes, including Twilight.
*Custom orders, including photos.
*Nightlights come with on/off switch and 5-watt bulb.

*As she notes on her shop: "DISCLAIMER: Although I adhere items (like buttons) to my night lights the best that I can please be advised that they could come off and become a choking hazard to small children. Night lights are not toys. Please keep out of reach of small children and babies."

Right now she is offering a Christmas special: $4 for shipping and handling no matter how many nightlights you order.


Holly said...

Very cute! new gfc follower - would love a follow back

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