Sunday, December 19, 2010

Making Cards on a Budget

I love to make cards, but I can't afford all the fancy stuff to make cute, artistic, scrapbooky, professional cards. So I do what I can with what I already have. You'd be surprised what you can use to make cute cards without spending a dime!
  • Cut off the front of a greeting card you've been given and glue it to cardstock to use as the front of your handmade card.
  • Cut out or remove cute items from other handmade cards or invitations you've received.
  • Keep the punched-out paper from a hole puncher.
  • hole-punched paper and buttons
  • Cut out words and pictures from magazines.
  • Search your junk mail for useful items. For example, Disney sends out a package to join their club to get discounted DVDs and includes Disney stickers inside.
  • Save ribbons from presents and packaging.
  • ribbon on the outside and inside
  • Take stickers your kids get from the dentist, doctor, daycare, or school if they don't want them.
  • Use extra buttons that come with clothes or remove buttons from clothes to be made into rags.
  • button and stickers
  • Keep any cute, scrapbooky, or small item you find randomly in your house: a fake flower petal that fell off, leftover wrapping paper, a scrap of fabric, etc.


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