Sunday, September 9, 2012

Caden's Second Birthday

At the end of August Caden turned 2! Two isn't a big number, but so much has happened in the last two years it feels like it's been a long time. I hardly remember what Caden was like as a baby; he's so different now. At his appointment he measured 34 inches and 25 pounds. You'd think he'd be bigger the way he eats! But he's very active too.

On his birthday we went shopping in behalf of family for a helmet and elbow and knee pads for the Strider bike all the grandparents bought him. Caden loves his bike! He rides it around the house and patio (we haven't taken it downstairs yet because Justin's been busy and it's still too hot). Anyway, we took him swimming, his absolute favorite activity and then out for ice cream, his favorite treat, after dinner.

Labor Day weekend, my family came out to celebrate. We had a pool party, of course. A couple other friends came as well. We had a lot of fun and a lot of food, all weekend. It was crazy having so many people in the apartment--that's when I truly realized how much smaller it is than our old house!


Playing Dance Central, believe it or not!

Caden also got a Sesame Street DVD from us, a popsicle maker from his aunt and uncle, and a color matching toy from his Aunt Francine. With the leftover money from family, I'm buying him big boy underwear and a Halloween costume.

See more birthday photos here.


Chris and Mary said...

Happy Birthday to Caden! He's so handsome!

DAD said...

we had the time of our life and love you guys so much-DAD

Keesh said...

Can I just say Caden's legs were very "strategically" positioned in the first photo! :) Thanks for the updates- your boy is super cute! Happy Belated Birthday Caden!

Francine Sanchez said...

Aww, I had a busy few weeks and I feel like I've missed out so much on your life updates.

It looks like you all had a lot of fun!

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