Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Favorite Less Popular Disney Animated Movies

We all know and see the Disney classics everywhere. But Disney has made some less-popular animated movies that I think are better than their classics. My top 5:

1. The Emperor's New Groove: Absolutely hilarious! Never gets old.

2. Meet the Robinsons: Wonderful story and message with a cute plot twist.

3. Tarzan: Amazing soundtrack! Always makes me cry.

4. Bolt: Cute and funny. We saw it on Christmas Day.

5. Brother Bear: Good message and humorous.

What are your favorites?


Prerana said...

love Bolt and The Tarzan :)

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Becky @ lovetobeinthekitchen said...

Great movies! Levi was obsessed with Bolt last year. We watched it so much but it was such a cute movie it took me a long time to get tired of it.

Francesca said...

I forgot Lion King 1 1/2!

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