Friday, September 21, 2012

Potty Training Day 1

Sitting on his own
Today I decided to start potty training for real. Two nights ago I put Caden to bed without a diaper on (only done once before when Caden had a bad rash) because he stays dry until he wakes up. The next morning, I put him back in a diaper, and he filled it up. Last night I left him diaperless again, but this morning I stuck him right on the potty. To my surprise, he didn't fight me even though he had just woken up. To my dismay, he did nothing after half an hour. I tried again after breakfast, when he usually has his morning BM. Nada.

The first time he went was in his room. I saw a stream, called out "Caden!", and put him on his portable potty chair. But when I had cried out his name, he stopped peeing and didn't finish in the potty. He went on his little armchair a couple times too.

Caden kept asking for a diaper or shorts. I finally gave into shorts, which he went in while I was reading to him before naptime. Luckily his shorts are thick and absorbed it before it got to me.

After his short nap, he was very cranky. I put him in his plastic lawn chair so he wouldn't wet his nice armchair anymore and gave him a snack. For the next half hour he peed over and over. Every time he realized he was peeing on himself, he would stop and get really upset. I would sit him on his potty chair, but he wouldn't do anything more until after he sat back down in his plastic chair. This cycle continued, with Caden in tears even though I wasn't mad or frustrated and didn't even make him clean up the mess. I was worried he wasn't ready for potty training after all. But as time went on, he started to finish going pee in the potty and clap for himself and soon sat on it without me asking, even when he didn't end up doing anything. Then I knew it was just his usual crankiness after naptime and that we could continue.

He still had more accidents even with carrying the potty everywhere he went and watching him constantly, but he made progress. Until Daddy came home. Now he's refusing to sit on the potty. We'll see how it goes tomorrow!


And I just caught his first #2! He'd been doing the potty dance for the last half hour and even going to the big potty but refusing to sit on it. This last time I sat him down, he started to jump off, I saw poo coming and kept him there. I survived cleaning up pee all day, but now I am getting frustrated. If things get worse, I'll introduce potty treats, but I'd rather not.


Francine Sanchez said...

I missed the potty training blogs. I'm reading them now. Being peed on is no fun. I'm going to jump to the next couple days. I know I'm reading in the past, but Good luck, Caden.

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