Friday, April 19, 2013


Remember cookie boot? Well, Caden says book now. He also says yes instead of ess and Elmo instead of Mamo. He tells us to wake up and can repeat most words perfectly. In fact, he picks up more than I realized. One day I was having trouble with the Xbox and voiced my frustration with an unfinished "What the--?" Caden finished, "Heck!" Do I really say it that often? 

Showing off his new shoes

Caden doesn't just pick up stuff from me. One day he farted and I said "Caden!" He giggled and then replied, "Mama stinky!" blaming the fart on me! Thanks, Justin!

Unfortunately, he doesn't pick up everything perfectly. Bread sounds like blehhh. And when he says the following words, they sound like profanity: fork, bridge, stick, shirt, flag. One guy at a fast-food restaurant even gave us a dirty look when Caden repeated fork incorrectly after I asked Justin to get one. Give me a break! He's only 2!

Caden is a total Arizona baby. We already have the A/C running, yet he insists on watching TV on the couch cuddled with his giant monkey and a blanket over his legs and sleeping with socks and a blanket, even at naptime during the hottest part of the day.

Trying to learn how to lick a popsicle

After Caden wakes up from a nap or even in the mornings, he picks up right where he left off as if he never slept. He remembers things I promised him after napping, continues playing with whatever toy or reading whatever book he fell asleep with, and always wants to eat right away, even if he had a big lunch and a short nap.

Driving on Daddy

Caden makes us laugh every day. His quirks and silly personality never cease to amuse us!


Alexandra said...

He sounds like a fun little dude! I secretly love those words that sound like profanities. Embarassing sometimes? Yes. Hilarious, big YES! :-)

Mrs. Sanchez said...

It's so good that you are writing all these things down. Caden is such a cutie.

I have kids spell some very bad words on accident or read them incorrectly. I never tell them what they are saying (haha), just help them get the right word. Quite a shock though. Other people will have to get over Caden's "fork." ;-)

DAD said...

I love him so much - he is a great little guy- a special sweet boy! DAD

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