Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How to Reuse Everyday Household Items

If you want to save money and the planet, then reuse your everyday household items. There is a lot you can do with things you would normally throw away.
  • TOOTHBRUSHES: Used toothbrushes work great for cleaning, especially for cleaning grout, fabric stains, and around faucets. Just be sure to mark them and keep them away from the kids!
  • PLASTIC BAGS: Plastic bags can be used as trash bags in the home or car, and make good packing bags. I like to put shoes and bath items in plastic bags before packing them in my suitcase so that my clothes won’t get dirty, wet, or stained.
  • TISSUE BOXES: Empty tissue boxes make good storage containers for plastic bags and napkins.
  • SHOEBOXES: Use a shoebox like a pencil box to store office supplies, markers and crayons, and craft materials. You can also store cards, letters, and homemade gifts you want to keep.Or use them as toy bins in the kids' rooms!
  • PAPER: Save paper only printed on one side for your kids to color on or for you to make to-do/shopping lists.
  • JARS: Jars are great storage containers for many things; for example, leftover sauces and oil, coins, beads, buttons, cotton balls, etc.
  • SOCKS: Instead of throwing away socks with holes or missing partners, use them for cleaning and dusting. You can cut them open or stick your hand in them.
  • OTHER ODDS AND ENDS: Gather together all the random items your kids could use for crafts (and store in a shoebox!). It will encourage creativity and leave you and your kids guilt-free if the craft breaks or gets thrown away.


vina devina said...

nice info


Alexandra said...

Great ideas! Love the idea of odds and ends for crafts, I'll have to try that some time.

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