Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter & Family Fun Day

Easter Sunday we all went to Church, where Caden got loads of goodies (of all places!). [The dress I wore I bought a few months back online (first time I've ever bought myself clothing online) from a vintage store. It was big on me, but fits better now that I'm pregnant! Funny fact: all 3 boys in Nursery were wearing orange shirts, and the two teachers and I had orange floral outfits.]

belly sticker courtesy of Watch Me Grow Stickers

We had dinner at Adam and Kirsten's, and our old friends were there too. It was nice seeing them and talking pregnancy and motherhood with Heather, who is also pregnant with her second. Kirsten put together a little Easter egg hunt for the two little ones. Caden is in a very possessive stage right now, so it was frustrating refereeing his interaction with Logan, who's only 16 months old. I'm glad Caden and this next baby will be 3 years apart!

Caden also got a bunny and felt sets from the grandparents. He loves the bunny! He is very much into stuffed animals, as was I as a little girl. I love watching him cuddle with and kiss them.

Monday Justin had off so we had a family date after Caden's nap. I asked Caden if he wanted to go bowling or to the movies and he chose bowling. He got excited every time it was his turn and marched/ran up to the ramp.

I couldn't even bowl a spare. I finally got my first and only one in the second game. Caden's second score was not far behind mine!

We then went shopping for new shoes for Caden. We haven't had any luck the past few weeks. We used to buy from Stride Rite, but they don't have any good options for his current size. We finally found good and affordable shoes at Champs. I usually don't like buying clothing with brand names or logos on them (in this case, Nike swish), but they were perfect: lightweight, vented, flexible, plain old black and white, reasonably priced. Caden loves them and wants to wear them all the time! In fact, he wore them right out of the store because he wouldn't let us take them off.

We decided to stay and watch a movie too. Caden played until it was time to see the movie. The price was reasonable, the place was very nice, and we had the whole theater to ourselves! I think we found ourselves a new movie theater to go to.

We watched The Croods. It was funny and entertaining but extremely cliche with an unbalanced message. (Motherhood ruins movie watching. Now I analyze everything from a parent's perspective!) We had a long and wonderful day together!


Francine Sanchez said...

I am such a fan of this dress - beautiful!! Which website did you purchase it off of?

Sounds like a fun Easter!

Francesca said...

An Etsy shop of course! It was a Black Friday deal from Yessiree Petunia Vintage. The seller finds the cutest stuff and sells them at reasonable prices.

DAD said...

i love you guys so much and miss you so much- you 3 are so sweet. DAD

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