Thursday, January 16, 2014


So far my wish for Caden and Gabe has come true: they are loving brothers who get in trouble together. For example, a couple weeks ago, the boys were supposed to be napping. Instead, I heard a rattling noise and laughing and squealing. When I went in to see what was going on, I saw Gabe kicking against the crib slats, Caden laughing hysterically, and Gabe squealing in reply.

Funny sleeping face.

Sunday night we put Caden's tent back into his room. The next day I was babysitting a baby two months younger than Gabe and was feeding her in the rocking chair while the boys were in their room. It was suddenly quiet, so I checked them. They were both in the tent!

"Caden," I asked, "did you pick up Gabe?" He had tried a few days before and I told him he couldn't.

"No," he answered.

I thought for a second, "Did you roll him in there?"


Finally rolling to his tummy.

Gabe was content, so I knew he wasn't hurt. He started rolling December 30. Before that, he could only roll from his tummy to his back, but now he rolls around everywhere and gets mad when he hits something and can't roll any further. He screeches when he's frustrated (or ignored). But he easily smiles and laughs.

Now that he can roll, he gets stuck in the crib often.

When he gets tired of holding his head up he just lies there sucking his thumb.

He recently discovered his hand. He just stares at it. He also knows it can do stuff, but doesn't realize when he's using it. He can reach for and grab toys and put them in his mouth; he waves his arm up and down violently to sign milk, potty, and sleep. Although he started signing early, as soon as I introduced more signs, he made them all the same.

Gabe tarted sucking other fingers besides his thumb. Last night I saw him sucking his two middle fingers backwards, just the way Caden used to! They are definitely brothers.

Caden at about the same age.

Caden loves giving Gabe hugs and kisses and says "good morning" to him in a high voice every time Gabe wakes up. Caden still loves helping me with Gabe; he even washed Gabe's hair and tummy during his bath last night. (Gabe loves bath time, but hates being washed.) Caden thinks everything Gabe does is funny; everything, that is, except roll onto his toys. Just wait until he starts crawling! Then the fights will begin. But for now, the brothers are best friends.

Caden has been doing crazy things of his own too. He is still my cute little monkey!

Whenver Caden wears pjs with an animal on it, he pretends to be that animal. But one he gets dressed in the morning, he says, "I'm not a [insert animal] anymore!"

He got more trains tracks for Three Kings Day.


DAD said...

i love your family so much

Miss Keesh said...

This is such an adorable post! Love the pictures, and hearing about your 2 boys. Caden is such a good older brother, and Gabe is SO CUTE :)

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